Service Offered


OILTECH helps you to identify the proper technology and selection of right technology, machineries and equipments with modern technology in various processes.

In the solvent extraction plant, we help the client to select authentic machinery and equipment so that the capacity goes up as well the life of the machinery increases. We ensure that customer gets maximum yield of efficiency with minimum utility consumption.

In the oil milling section we help the client to select proper preparation equipment so that the capacity goes up as well the life of the equipment increases.

In the solvent extraction section we assist clients in selection truthful equipment and process and also assist to client, to select accurate bed height and retention point so that the extraction is more with minimum hexane loss and minimum utility consumption.

In the oil refining section we suggest the genuine process to get good quality refined oil which can be marketed at a premium ate with minimum utility consumption.


OILTECH Have an experienced engineer, assigned to your project to coordinate the job right from the start to finish, the project manager having vast experience, who serves as a single point of contact between the various individuals working on the project the project.

OILTECH-has well qualified mechanical engineers having experience in project execution, they are well served with equipment and foundation layout, P & I Ds, utility consumption parameter, piping etc.


AT OILTECH We have team for the installation of projects this team ensures that all the major pieces of equipment are erected into their prepared foundation and that associated machinery is installed correctly including all interconnecting equipment and piping work.

OILTECH installation team is well trained in all aspects such as shifting of equipments, foundation layouts, piping, instrumentation, cabling, insulation, and piping.


AT OILTECH We have process expertise to care of commissioning duties after installation of projects.

OILTECH commissioning team erected & commissioned plant all over the world and will carefully bring the plant to full performance before handover.

OILTECH does not consider our job complete until the equipment is operating as it was design to operate so smoothly and profitably.