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OILTECH ENGINEERS is an organization established in 2007 dedicated to the developments of solvent extraction plants, vegetable oil refinery plants, oil mills and oilseed processing plant.

These plants are designed for any type of vegetable raw material like Soybean, Sunflower, Rice bran, cotton seed etc.We Provide Turnkey Projects For Solvent Extraction Plants, Vegetable Oil Refinery Plants.We Undertake Erection, Installation And Commissioning Of Solvent Extraction Plants And Physical Refineries.

Oiltech supplies top quality products and customer service through ethical and best practices, offering our customers complete product satisfaction.



OILTECH helps you to identify the proper technology and selection of right technology, machineries and equipments with modern technology in various processes.



OILTECH Have an experienced engineer, assigned to your project to coordinate the job right from the start to finish



AT OILTECH We have team for the installation of projects this team ensures that all the major pieces of equipment are erected into their prepared foundation



OILTECH commissioning team erected & commissioned plant all over the world and will carefully bring the plant to full performance before handover.

Solvent Extraction Plant

Solvent Extraction is the process used for extraction of oil from Oil Cakes of Oilseeds after primary processing in Oil Mill


Manufacturers of custom fabricated agricultural process equipments and heat exchangers which include desolventiser toaster, soya bean cooker, redler conveyor, economizer, industrial condensers, drier cooler, evaporator & all other solvent extraction plant machineries.

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